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Kraftwerk Sng 1978 Die Roboter

Die Roboter is a single by the influential German electronic music pioneers, Kraftwerk, released in 1978. The single and its B-side, "Spacelab", both appeared on the band's seventh album, The Man-Machine (1978). However, the songs as they appear on the single were scaled down into shorter versions.

The cover design imitates the graphic style of the 1930s Modernist movement, particularly that of the designer/architect El Lissitzky, whose inspiration is acknowledged in the album credits. The rear cover of the album is actually an adaptation one of his geometric page designs for a children's book, From Two Quadrants (specifically, the upper right quarter of the page captioned "And on the Black was established Red Clearly").

Datos extraidos de Wikipedia.

Kraftwerk Sng 1978 Die Roboter

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